In 2018, Polish exports of fastening elements increased by 19% to the level of 1.8 billion PLN, which represents the fastest growth rate in 8 years. Even though exports are at a record high, however, there is still room for further growth.

It's not just the exports but also the domestic fastener market that is experiencing rapid growth. Worth 3.5 billion PLN, it ranks as the fifth largest in the European Union. In the coming two years, Poland is set to overtake France and Great Britain and move up to third place.

The demand for fasteners has been on the rise among Polish entrepreneurs as a result of increased automation, which translates into better performance. FASTENER POLAND® is a trade show that shows the strength of the industry and responds to its growing needs year after year.

Targi w Krakowie Ltd. invite you to participate in the online edition of the International Trade Fair for Fasteners and Fixing Technology, which will be held on October 05-18, 2021

Ideal location

FASTENER POLAND is the first trade fair of this kind to be held in Central and Eastern Europe.

The large interest among representatives of the fastener industry leads us to believe that this will become a regular event.

Its main asset is the venue: magical Krakow, a city in the very heart of the country’s most industrialized region, couched between Lower and Upper Silesia and the ‘Aviation Valley’ of the south-eastern Podkarpacie region, and with its many other attractions, continues to rank as the top European outsourcing location.

The great position of Krakow is the outcome of many years of active pro-investment policy and high standards of economic promotion.

The capital of the Małopolska (Lesser Poland) region also heads worldwide rankings of top business and tourist destinations, boasting its unparalleled Market Square and scores of lovely restaurants that will provide some much called-for leisure after a hard day at the trade show.