Thematic scope

łączniki przemysłowe

technologia produkcji

1. Industrial fasteners and fixings

  • Fasteners
  • Screw
  • Socket head products
  • Nuts
  • Studs and threaded rod
  • Washers and pressed parts
  • Pins and keys
  • Springs
  • Clamps and rings
  • Collated industrial fasteners
  • Knobs / Handles / Finger turn fasteners
  • Hook or eye products
  • Nails, staples and brads
  • Adhesives and tapes

4. Fastener manufacturing technology

  • -Fastener design and production simulation

    -Materials, wire and semi finished products

    -Material preparation and inspection

    -Forging / Heading machiner       

    -CNC machining and turning equipment

    -Presses and stamping machinery

    -Other forming technologies

    -Thread forming, assembly and secondary operations

    -Tooling, dies and punches

    -Heat treatment

    -Process control and data processing

    -Surface treatment, coatings and sealant systems

    -Inspection and quality control

    -Wire drawers / Uncoilers

    łączniki budowlane

    systemy montażu

    Construction Fixings

    • Concrete
    • Concrete screws
    • Fixings
    • Fasteners
    • Wall plugs
    • Wood / Chipboard / Decking screws
    • Nails, pins and staples
    • Threaded rods and suspension fixings
    • Hardware / DIY prepacks and assortments
    • Brackets and connectors

    Assembly and Installation systems

    • -Automated fastener / Assembly systems

      -Feeding / discharging equipment

      -Presses and insertion tools

      -Riveting tools, equipment and systems

      -Drivers and screw insertion systems

      -Welding / soldering equipment

      -Bonding and adhesive systems

      -Assembly rigs

      -Hand tools

      -Clinching / Self piercing systems

      -Nailing / Stapling tools and systems

      -Collated fastener systems

      -Other assembly tools and equipment



    Storage, distribution, factory equipment

    • -Weighing / Counting equipment and services

      -Packaging equipment, materials and services

      -Storage and materials handling

      -Computer systems and software

      -Other factory equipment


    • -Application/Solutions Engineering
      -C-Parts Management
      -Kan-Ban Systems
      -Direct Container Supply
      -Supplier Assessment/Audit
      -Inspection & Packaging Services
      -Coating sealant lubricant application