Catalog - a database of contacts in the fastener industry, connects producers, distributors, suppliers of raw materials, technologies, tools with consumers of fasteners from many industries. The e-catalog will be promoted through our partners, through online campaigns and directly by us - to the databases of tens of thousands of potential customers in the country and around the world.

The cost of placing a business card in the catalogue is EUR 190,47.

Business card includes:

• The name of the company and its contact details

• Description of the company (up to 450 characters with spaces in Polish and the same amount of text in English)

• Colorful company logo

• Max 5 photos (in .png or .jpg files)

• Max 2 links to video posted on YouTube

• Max 3 .pdf files (e.g. product catalogs, brochures)
• Direct contact via Skype

It is possible to translate from English into Polish for (47,62 EUR).

The business card will be active until December 31, 2021.

Orders for the business card can be placed through the customer service portal