An offer composed for each client!

1. modular standard stand - fully equipped, easy to arrange. Just choose the size of the surface and we will do the rest. The price includes: carpeting, lighting, electrical outlet, inscription with the company name on the frieze, back room, table, chairs, counter with shelf, wall shelves, basket, hanger.

2. premium stand - designed for individual needs with full visual identification. The arrangement of the stand includes: carpeting, graphics - wrapping fillings, printing on foil, equipment: facilities, basket, 3 wooden shelves, hanger, glass door, counter with a furniture board top, hoker, chairs, table, lighting - metal halogens , electrical outlet, Internet Wi-Fi for one device.

3. special stand - designed and prepared according to the Exhibitor's needs. We work with the best designers, we create stands from all available materials, and our projects win prestigious competitions for the best market arrangements.

standard stand



premium stand


special stand