Teaching materials

The trade fairs include workshops and training with key industry experts, as well as debates and discussions on topics most important to the industry.

Our speakers Marek Łangalis, Bartosz Radkowiak, Michał Szuster and Gert-Jan Houkes provided their presentations, which are a valuable resource for participants and all those interested in the topic of the event.

For the lectures "Border carbon tax - the assumed impact of regulations on imports from outside the EU" by Jarosław Szajkowski and "Overview of the most important tax breaks for the fastener industry" by Łukasz Koc, please contact us by email: marketingpl@asbgroup.eu.

  • Circular building and construction with Lindapter - Gert-Jan Houkes 3.94MB, pdf
  • Green revolution - opportunities and threats for the fastener market - Marek Łangalis (presentation in Polish) 501.35KB, pdf
  • Decarbonization in the ESCO model in an automotive manufacturing plant - Bartosz Radkowiak, Michał Szuster (presentation in Polish) 3.19MB, pdf